Costello Painting provides expert contractors in commercial and industrial paint and coatings, water blasting, sand blasting and rust proofing.  We ensure adherence to industry guidelines by providing the latest in application techniques and durable coatings, and follow stringent industry recommendations for optimum performance.
Costello Painting understands the challenges of commercial painting and remodeling and delivering on-time and on-budget industrial projects.  Minimizing disruption to your workflow is critical to every commercial painting and industrial project. Our crews can meet your deadlines by flexible work schedules that optimize your business needs.  Painting is often completed in phases so the majority of your site can remain operational.  We are experts in working within your framework to accommodate other plans, trades, contractors and schedules.  
 Complete Solutions—Large and Small
You may need an industrial painter to spray your entire 200,000 sq. ft. factory, floor to ceiling and everything in between.  Costello Painting is an expert at large industrial painting projects.  We deliver expertise when you need tank work, coating your sprinkler piping, staircases, or individual machinery.  We also specialize in smaller, detail-oriented projects.  Our custom designed, flexible scheduling options offer service agreements on an hourly basis.  This is the ideal solution when you have several small industrial painting projects that do not require a full crew.  Your service agreement ensures the availability of an experienced painter or two to complete your smaller jobs.
Industrial Services
We provide the latest in preparation and application techniques and durable coatings. We follow stringent industry recommendations for optimum performance. Industrial surfaces may vary from metal, masonry, or newer synthetic materials. Each may require special prep work to assure proper adhesion and long-lasting results for your industrial painting project Full-service provider of industrial painting services, including coating, finishing & powder coating services on metal, plastic, wood & other fabricated products, ensuring resistance to abrasion, chemicals, scratches & corrosion, and the protection of metal surfaces & structure